Jean Tay

Jean is passionate to see people empowered and nurtured to realise their potentials. She does this at the clinical level as a counsellor and a psychotherapist, and also at the educational level as a clinical supervisor and a lecturer. Jean is attuned to the diverse range of mental, emotional, and psychosocial needs people have. She has specializations in trauma and grief work. (See Services: EMDR, GRI)

Jean has experience working with people of all ages. She has taught and counselled children and teenagers in the MOE schools and at private professional settings. Jean is also a counsellor based in a university. Here, she journeys with young and middle aged adults through deep emotional pain (eg. trauma, phobias, anxieties and depression, loss and grief) as well as through the transitions of life (eg. career exploration and switches, relationships, marriage and parenting, existential issues and personal growth).

Jean believes in equipping helpers, like counsellors and care-givers. She has personal experiences as a care-giver. As a clinical supervisor, she ensures a safe environment for counsellors to journey and grow. As a trainer, she incorporates learning pedagogies with counselling approaches and techniques, to enable holistic and meaningful learning. On top of providing these services at the private level, Jean is also both a clinical supervisor and lecturer at Singapore University of Social Sciences (SUSS, formally known as SIM University) and at Swinburne University of Technology (in partnership with the Executive Counselling and Training Academy).

Jean enjoys spending time with family and friends, including doing voluntary projects with them. With her adult children, she enjoys times spent in intellectual discourse and in affirming one another. Jean also loves animals, and doing creative stuff like playing musical instruments and writing songs and poems.