Geraldine has worked with children and teens most of her working life. As a Licentiate piano teacher, she was a freelance music teacher for more than 2 decades. She also tutored students with learning difficulties after being trained in the Orton-Gillingham method and having attained her Diploma in Educational Studies. She pursued her studies at mid-life and after her graduation from SIM University (currently known as Singapore University of Social Sciences, SUSS), she worked as a full-time counselor for children and youths at-risk in the school setting and at a children’s residential care. Fueled by her desire to enhance her counselling skills, she pursued her Master’s with Swinburne University. She then joined a family service centre as Senior Counsellor, where she helped families faced with multiple stressors by providing them with emotional and practical support.

As a professional counsellor, Geraldine frequently uses creative arts and therapeutic play to deepen her clients’ processes as she believes that each individual learns best experientially.  She also incorporates experiential learning into her programmes to engage and help participants internalize their learning. An advocate of William Glasser’s Choice Theory, Geraldine has been in an executive committee member of William Glasser Institute (Singapore) since 2013, working to promote the practical applications of Choice Theory & Reality Therapy in Singapore. She has been endorsed by William Glasser International to facilitate the Take Charge Of Your Life Workshop for the general public.

Geraldine was contracted by the Ministry of Education to write and co-facilitate a 2-day School Counsellors’ Renewal Workshop which had 4 runs over the span of 2015-2016. During her 2-year tenure at a Family Service Centre, besides counselling and case work management, Geraldine also conducted training for the staff as well as spearheaded the organization of the staff retreat in 2015. In 2016, Geraldine conducted the Take Charge Of Your Life Workshop for staff with the objective of improving their personal and professional lives. In 2016, Geraldine returned to SUSS as guest lecturer for students of the Master’s in Counselling, sharing CTRT with them.